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Ouroffice can arrange the following services:​

1. Durable Medical Equipment


is a term of art used to describe any medical equipment used in the home to aid in a better quality of living. It is a benefit included in most insurances. In some cases certain Medicare benefits, that is, whether Medicare may pay for the item.

4. Transportation


Accessible transportation is the passport to independent living for everyone. Mobility means
having transport services going where and when one wants to travel; being informed about the
services; knowing how to use them; being able to use them; and having the means to pay for
them. For people with mobility, sensory, or cognitive impairments—many of whom are
elderly—such a goal offers many challenges.

6. Coordination for Diagnostic


A diagnostic procedure (as well as the opinion reached thereby) does not necessarily involve elucidation of the etiology of the diseases or conditions of interest, that is, what caused the disease or condition. Such elucidation can be useful to optimize treatment, further specify the prognosis or prevent recurrence of the disease or condition in the future. We arrange for you at home such as: X-ray, Ultrasounds, EKG, Blood Draw

2. Home Maker Services


A homemaker is an individual who has the skills and abilities to maintain a home and actively functions in that capacity

5. Meal on Wheels


Provides availability in home-delivered meals services to people in need.Delivers meals to homebound elderly and our valued clients on weekends, weekdays, holidays, and times of emergency.

7. Consultations


We provide and arrange an health care professionals to visit your home. it means is procedure whereby, on request by one physician, another physician reviews a patient's medical history, examines the patient, and makes recommendations as to care and treatment. The medical consultant often is a specialist with expertise in a particular field of medicine.such as:

  • Podiatrist
  • Nutritionist
  • Wound Care Specialis

3. Companionship Services


A companion to seniors can play a valuable role in supervising and supporting senior citizens who live independently. A senior may become isolated as health declines and everyday activities become more challenging.

6. Home Delivery of Medications


As you age, it is important to know about your medicines to avoid possible problems. As you get older you may be faced with more health conditions that you need to treat on a regular basis. It is important to be aware that more use of medicines and normal body changes caused by aging can increase the chance of unwanted or maybe even harmful drug interactions.

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